Friday, June 19, 2020

NFN LIVE - new online series of our Notes for Nourishment concerts starting June 21st. Join us from anywhere!


Listen for Life's award-winning NOTES FOR NOURISHMENT Concerts are now going Online and LIVE, worldwide!

For many years now, NFN concerts have been happening (as a project of Listen for Life) in selected cities around the world. These concerts have been designed and led by outstanding artists with a heart of service, willing to organize and perform these special free concerts to raise funds for causes they care about, in the communities where they live. NOW, it won't matter where they (or you) live - we all get to be nourished from the generous sharing of their gifts!


As with all of our previous NFN concerts, nationally recognized artists of all ages will donate their time and talents to nourish the audience in free one-hour concerts, while donations are collected for organizations that nourish the hungry, homeless or hurting in their communities or in our world.

NFN concerts were originally founded by violist Erin Nolan and pianist Donna Stoering.
This new era of NFN LIVE events is being launched by energetic, tech-savvy, award-winning teen pianist Josephine Chan, who is a member of the new NFN leadership team.

Please join us on Sunday, June 21st, and show your support for Josephine's efforts and ingenuity in moving these special "Concerts for a Cause" ONLINE, LIVE, and WORLDWIDE, so as to nourish EVERYONE at this critical time.

As this is NFN's first livestream event, anything could (and might) happen but if you are hungry for nourishing music this Sunday, join us and let's find out what will happen, together!

Just like our previous series of NFN concerts in various locations, we hope these livestream events will gradually become a regularly-scheduled series featuring different artists and beneficiary organizations from around the globe.



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