Why does Notes for Nourishment itself need donations?
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Why is the idea of Notes for Nourishment such a big deal, don’t musicians play charity concerts already?

Yes, they do, but charity concerts are often quite expensive to attend, which means that many people can not afford to go to these concerts. As most of you already know, the cost of concerts is a big problem and is contributing in a large way to the decline in audience members all over the world. By providing as many concerts as possible free of charge, we are trying to reach as many people as possible with the beauty and gift that music is for the soul. In doing this we hope to help replenish audience members for the future.
Another point is that it is also often only musicians with big names that are invited to play concerts for a charity event. While this is understandable as big names do draw big crowds, these musicians can also come with quite a fee making the possibility of organising such an event all the more difficult and rare.
I personally know many wonderful musicians who 1) would like to use their musical gifts to do good and 2) would also very much like the opportunity to perform more chamber music (as an example). The problem is that the most common thought process is ‘how much good could I really do by myself – one musician, one concert?’ and ‘organising a concert costs money – for the hall, the advertising etc. and I don’t have that kind of money.’

My hope in spreading this idea is to help all musicians to see that, working with a charity, they can each do a tremendous amount of good and it doesn’t need to cost any more than their time and the gift of their talent and love for music. 

How many Notes for Nourishment concerts can YOU commit to planning and playing?