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#GivingTuesday and BEYOND: a wonderful donor will match you, $1 for $1 through all of December!


Listen4Life Foundation
for #GivingTuesday or beyond!
a wonderful donor will match you, $1 for $1!
Breaking News!! One of our longtime individual donors has just offered us a matching $10,000 challenge contribution! For every dollar (or any equivalent currency value) that anyone donates to Listen For Life, they will match it, up to $10,000! And believe me, our projects need every bit of that!

You can designate your donation to be for a particular project, too, if you wish. It will all count!

We are so excited (and grateful) but this will only work if you, too, can participate! Here's how:
  • Go to and hit "donate" to do a very safe secure transaction online,
  • or call us (LFL offices: +1 510 540 8136) or email Donna (
  • or mail it (as a check or money order) to Listen for Life offices, c/o Donna Stoering, 1279 Sussex Way, Hayward Calif 94544 USA
  • For your donation/tax records, our EIN# is 65-1200601
  • Every little bit will help us to meet this challenge so we can help more musicians to use their gifts in the service of others. Thanks again!
If you would like more info on our three focus projects, continue reading below.

Even just during the past 8-9 months, your support of LFL has empowered our "small but mighty" all-volunteer organization to make a tremendous difference in the lives of thousands of individuals, both worldwide and close to home. We've adjusted some of our projects (and added new ones!) to find ways in which we can specifically address the impacts of Covid-19 upon the global community.

1. Combining music, neurology, and technology, we've created a new project called Against The Noise (ATN for short). It's gaining a lot of excitement worldwide from major research hospitals, doctors, and hospice directors....And it directly helps Covid patients in ICUs!
And right now, you can support this project in two important ways:
  • If you would like to get a unique holiday gift for a family member or friend, you can donate $50 in their name and that will provide ATN to one more ICU or hospice patient, in a location of your choosing!
  • Or go to and purchase lots of downloads or CDs as gifts for friends - every penny of proceeds from these sales goes towards our providing ATN to more hospitals, hospice centers and Covid patients!
Again, for complete info, see

2. Since Covid has forced most education (and travel!) to happen virtually/online, we've made our award-winning educational resource, Travels with Music, available for free online, worldwide - so spread this news to any armchair traveler or any teacher, school curriculum director, homeschooling parent, or disgruntled online student you know! TWM also now has a completely new website (still at

3. When Covid closed the Notes for Nourishment concerts happening in various venues, our 17-year old volunteer (and NFN performer) Josie Chan recreated the whole concept online - and thanks to her ingenuity, our audiences (and the causes they help us raise funds for) are now global as well! Josie started the NFN LIVE Online monthly series of global broadcasts, and created a new website, ! Your donations made during these online concerts have already raised thousands of dollars for a variety of important causes and nonprofits nourishing their communities. But your ongoing (separate) support of Listen for Life is equally needed, to help us to defray the expenses involved in producing and promoting these NFN concerts!

So - We have been way too busy doing these important projects (and many more), and chose not to divert any time towards participation in #GivingTuesday fundraising campaigns for this year :(

If you happen to make end-of-year donations at any time in the coming weeks, we very much hope that you will remember us and include ListenForLife in your contributions. Please.

But we also value your feedback, thoughts, ideas, contacts, and virtual volunteering, so please be in touch!

Warmest wishes and deepest thanks-
from Donna and all of us at Listen for Life
Questions or concerns?

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Join us Sunday, November 29 at 7pm PST for our next online concert and celebration:

Thanksgiving on Strings

Important information:

When: Sunday, Nov. 29 - 7pm PST


To read about the musicians, continue to read the blog post below. 

Thank you for joining us and for supporting Barbara Day Turner and the San Jose Chamber Orchestra. We are so grateful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Meet the four artists coming into your home on Sunday Nov. 29th (& beyond)...

We are so grateful that one of our Listen For Life teen volunteers, award-winning 17-year-old pianist Josie Chan, took it upon herself to re-invent our live Notes for Nourishment concerts as online broadcasts this year - some have been livestream, and others have been filmed video productions of live (socially distanced!) rehearsals or performances. It's made for a surprisingly intimate experience, though obviously in a totally different way from sharing live concerts together in a particular venue - but the biggest "plus" is that all of our concerts, artists and causes can now have a worldwide audience; we have the joy of bringing both internationally renowned and emerging young artists into your homes, no matter where you live. 
So if you would like to know just a teeny bit about the four renowned performers coming to you this Sunday, November 29th, here are their bios (in alphabetical order):

Philip Brezina
started playing violin at age five, following the wisdom of the Suzuki program. 
He went on to do his undergraduate work with David Salness at The University of Maryland. While still a student there, his quartet was selected to lead the inaugural chamber music outreach program, an idea designed to bring music education to under-privileged youth in the region. Philip then received his Masters Degree from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, studying under Ian Swensen.   He and his wife and two young sons now divide their time between Mexico and San Franciso. In addition to being a sought-after violinist for solo recitals, concert series, chamber music and orchestral repertoire, Philip tours internationally as a fiddler in the highly popular bluegrass band, The Brothers Comatose. He plays gypsy violin in another ensemble, and also works as a studio recording artist with the Magik Magik orchestra. But most importantly, he is the beloved Principal Second Violin chair (and a frequent soloist) for all concerts and recordings of the San Jose Chamber Orchestra under Maestra Barbara Day Turner.                
Philip has generously given of his time to rehearse and perform with pianist Donna Stoering and other instrumentalists in several Notes for Nourishment concerts over the past few years, raising funds for a variety of causes and nonprofits. He has also just recorded his first solo classical CD, which will be released in 2021. Website:  
Evan Kahn currently holds principal positions in four orchestras: principal cello in Symphony Silicon Valley and in Opera San Jose, and assistant principal cello in San Jose Chamber Orchestra and West Bay Opera. He is also resident cellist for several Bay Area music collectives such as After Everything, Mythica Foundation and a hip-hop band, Ensemble Mik Nawooj. Intensely passionate about music of non-Western cultures, he has commissioned and premiered over 50 cello works by composers from around the world.
Evan graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University and then received a Masters Degree in chamber music at SFCM, studying with Jennifer Culp. Other major teachers or mentors have included Paul Hersh, Amos Yang, Ian Swensen, Bonnie Hampton, Darrett Adkins, Timothy Lo, David Premo, and artists of the Brentano, Borromeo and Shanghai Quartets. As a soloist, Evan has performed cello concerti with numerous orchestras and festivals, served as Artist-in-Residence with Performance Today on NPR, and in February 2019 was named Musical America's "New Artist of the Month".  
Instagram: evankahnk Website: 

Erin Nolan, violist  currently holds the role of Scholarship and Recruitment Manager 
at NPR’s "From the Top", the national radio program featuring incredible young musicians ages 8-18. She has been part of the From the Top family for 8.5 years and loves every minute of it! Like most violists, Erin began her studies on violin, but grew wise at the age of 11, chose to focus on viola exclusively, and had the wonderful opportunity to work with Ivo-Jan van der Werff from the age of 12. Having grown up largely in Italy and England, Erin received the majority of her training in Europe. She came to the States at the age of 18 to study at Rice University's Shepherd School of Music with James Dunham of the Cleveland String Quartet. As a performer, Erin returned to England after her university studies and worked primarily as a chamber and orchestral musician based in London. She performed and toured extensively as a violist in the English Chamber Orchestra, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. As a chamber musician, Erin trained with the Guarneri, Juilliard, and Cleveland String Quartets, and in 2004, performed in four Carnegie Hall performances with Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Project.  Erin’s love of joining other musicians, whether through classical music, prayer music, improvisation, or traditional music of other cultures, has led to her performing with diverse groups throughout Europe and the USA, as well as in Lebanon, Panama, Bosnia, and Croatia. She currently lives in Salt Lake City where she teaches at the Gifted Music School and immensely enjoys the mountains and the beautiful surrounding nature.

Erin and pianist Donna Stoering recently released a CD of instrumental improvisations, entitled "Against the Noise" on the Acis label ( and this December they are scheduled to record a follow-up collection of improvisations on Christmas carols and other holiday melodies from around the world.                                                       
Donna Stoering is an international award-winning recording artist, concert  pianist, educator, social entrepreneur, composer, vocal soloist, and TEDx  presenter who founded the global nonprofit Listen For Life when she was  serving as an Artistic Ambassador for both the UK and USA to countries  worldwide. A Marshall Scholar, she spent many years in Europe serving as  Artist in Residence at Oxford University and the University of York, as well as giving masterclasses at the major music conservatories around the globe and judging international piano competitions held in Russia, Italy, UK, USA, Canada, and other countries. Her own teachers and mentors included renowned recording artists Lili Kraus, Philippe Entremont and Sir Georg Solti, but the primary influences on her playing were her first and last teachers, Joyce Grantham and Mary Sauer (famed keyboardist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra), respectively.                                                    

As a classical artist, Donna has performed concerti with major conductors, orchestras and music festivals around the world, and solo recitals in all of the famed concert halls. She also enjoys playing chamber music with renowned instrumentalists from all music cultures, and performing duo-recitals with major international opera stars of La Scala, the Met, the Bolshoi, Munich Opera, the Royal Opera, and many more. (A recent, as yet unreleased recording of Rachmaninov Romances with Russian counter-tenor Andrey Nemzer has been getting tremendous industry acclaim, and she just finished filming two different TV/video specials with Frederica von Stade.....Donna is always looking for exciting new collaborative projects, so get in touch!) .                                                                                

Donna has been the focus of one-hour specials on BBC Radio, Hong Kong Radio and Television, PBS and NPR stations, and the national networks of numerous countries, from Panama to Turkmenistan. She has performed and hosted programs about classical music on the national  television and radio networks of many countries, and was offered her own 24/7 channel on new digital networks in Asia and Europe; she is in current discussions with digital networks in the USA about a series based on one of her current projects within Listen for Life.  She won a Telly Award for her international TravelsWithMusic series, now available online.   

Donna has become a sought-after artistic director and producer for music festivals and new performing arts series while hosting podcasts, radio shows and television programs sharing the music and musicians of all cultures. She continues to teach piano and voice, give master-classes on “playing from the core” worldwide, release new recordings and perform concerts, lead international retreats for musicians, and serve as acting Executive Director for ListenForLife, now an all-volunteer global organization with the mission of "inspiring and empowering musicians of all ages and cultures to use their gifts in the service of others".  Donna serves as co-director and/or volunteer on their many projects, including the Notes for Nourishment concerts.
(Contact: Donna Stoering on FB & LinkedIn.Webpage:
SO - are you ready to bring these four interesting artists into your home? Here is the link to access the broadcast at 7pm PST on Sunday November 29th (or anytime after that date as well, if you can't make it then):

Attachments areaYou just have to figure out the relevant start time for your own time zone, and if that makes it 3am or something, don't stay up for it! Once our broadcast has completed, the video recording of that broadcast will then be available (we hope, forever) on our "LFL NotesForNourishment"  YouTube channel (search by concert title and/or broadcast date). 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Nov 29 NFN ONline concert features 2 co-founders of NFN worldwide, performing together

 Since that is rather a rare event, we thought we'd devote this blog post to sharing a little bit about the history of Notes for Nourishment (NFN) concerts, for those who might be interested:

  • The entire Notes for Nourishment concept was introduced by violist Erin Nolan while in a conversation with concert pianist (and Listen For Life founder) Donna Stoering, many years ago now. Erin knew of several musicians who had causes they cared about and organizations they very much wanted to support, but not enough income that they could contribute in a meaningful way. 
  • Erin and Donna together co-founded Notes for Nourishment concerts, with Erin designing the first logos and creating the blog site (still in use today). They launched the concept with duo recitals in cities throughout Europe and the USA, raising funds for a variety of organizations while creating a template that other musicians and volunteers could follow in their own locations. 
  • Donna then created a monthly series of NFN concerts in various cities on the West Coast, and in Summer of 2019 she was invited to produce a daily series of different NFN concerts within the famed Piccolo Spoleto festival in Charleston, South Carolina, introducing artists from around the world and raising funds for 14 different South Carolina charities. 
  • Meanwhile, a NFN series in San Francisco hosted a concert given by two young award-winning artists, pianist Josie Chan and violinist Pierce Wang. Fortunately for us, they both wanted to get more involved - soon Josie had created a new NFN website and launched our present NFN ONline series of livestreams and video concerts during Covid! She is now a director of the Notes for Nourishment projects while Pierce is assisting with a variety of IT and operational tasks and preparing to gradually become a director of the Listen For Life organization itself.  
  • Two of our youngest-ever performers on the Notes for Nourishment concerts have also remained involved  - classical guitarists Eric Wang and Emilia Diaz Delgado. In fact, the NFN Online video concert that will be broadcast on November 29 was filmed in 3 cameras and then completely edited by 11-year-old Emilia (with some technical uploading for the broadcast by Pierce, and technical hosting by Josie on the day). 
  • Another longtime Listen for Life and NFN youth volunteer, Savita Pereira, is now in college and composed a beautiful piece that was premiered worldwide on our September 21 NFN broadcast (you can catch it any time on our NFN YouTube channel:  LFLNotesForNourishment) - she made the lovely social media flyers for this November 29 concert as well. 
It has all been a real team effort to keep these concerts going during Covid, so we are extremely thankful to all of our young LFL and NFN team volunteers!! These concerts fly by in an hour or less, but they take countless hours of work to prepare, and we all do it with joy, in the hopes that it nourishes you, our audience!  We appreciate hearing from you. 

Our young volunteers and seasoned artists alike all hope that our audiences for these broadcasts will grow -  
So if you enjoy them, please invite your friends! 

Hope to see you on the 29th @ 7pm PST
and if you can't watch at that time, please find "Thanksgiving on Strings" November 29 video at  LFL NotesForNourishment channel on YouTube. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Grateful for "Maestra BDT" & the SJCO? - join us for NFN ONline Nov 29 @ 7pm PST

 Those of us who know the beloved and internationally renowned conductor Barbara Day Turner (affectionately known as BDT) are very grateful for the difference she makes in every community where she works and lives, while making music truly "live" as well. She is an award-winning recording artist who has conducted opera and symphony orchestras internationally. Here in the USA she has been an important presence in the growth of Opera San Jose (California) , Utah Festival Opera (Logan Utah) and Aquilon Music Festival (Oregon) as well as summer festivals in Maine and elsewhere, while her current, and longstanding, position is as Founder and Music Director of the San Jose Chamber Orchestra (SJCO)

But what does all of that have to do with our ongoing series of Notes for Nourishment online concerts? As some of you have already experienced, each of the monthly concerts on Listen For Life's award-winning Notes for Nourishment (NFN) series collects donations to benefit a nonprofit that is nourishing the hungry, homeless or hurting. These concerts have raised thousands of dollars for over 56 different nonprofits in recent years - food banks, domestic violence shelters, artificial limb creators, homeless shelters, innovative school meal programs, medical treatment facilities, scholarships, and more. And since all nonprofit music organizations and orchestras are struggling financially at the best of times, much less during a pandemic, the four internationally active performers on our next Notes for Nourishment concert (whose careers have all been abundantly impacted by Maestra BDT) decided to choose her orchestra, the SJCO, as the beneficiary organization for all donations received during their November 29 online video concert, honoring the Maestra for her unrelenting dedication to the world of music and musicians. So we've entitled the concert "Thanksgiving on Strings". 

Barbara Day Turner will not be appearing on the short, family-friendly 45-minute broadcast of exciting, favorite pieces for piano and strings - she will be watching it from home along with (hopefully) all of you. 

To view the "Thanksgiving on Strings" broadcast (7pm PST on Sunday evening November 29) you simply need to access a YouTube link which will be posted on this blog AND on both of these sites (below) before the broadcast:            OR   

Our next blog post will share bios about the four performers on this concert. Meanwhile, though, here below is some interesting background lore about the SJCO. We hope that this concert will inspire attendees of all ages and locations to not only come enjoy the music but also donate what you can for this worthy cause. Donations made (online) during the concert are entirely secure, and handled through (sponsoring the NFN ONline concerts) on the official fundraising platform 100% of the proceeds from the concert, once processed, will be given to Maestra BDT and the SJCO for their needs, plans and projects as they continue to impact the quality of life for all demographics in the greater Silicon Valley community. 


The San José Chamber Orchestra is a professional string-based ensemble of 19+ players. Many performances feature one or more commissions or world premieres by award winning composers with critically acclaimed guest artists as featured soloists. San José Chamber Orchestra is the recipient of five ASCAP/League of American Orchestras Adventurous Programming Awards, has produced seven CDs of American music and commissioned and/or premiered over 170 new works in 26 seasons. The San José Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1991 out of the desire of local musicians for an opportunity to play chamber orchestra repertoire and explore music written by living composers. Its formation was sparked by a challenge in the METRO newspaper from the late drummer Sammy Cohen to music director Barbara Day Turner, announcing that an orchestra was forming (unbeknownst to her) and privately saying to "stop being lazy and get started". The San José Chamber Music Society graciously sponsored the first concert and a board was formed shortly thereafter.

Among the orchestra's highlights: Appearance of their senior youth orchestra at a private event for the Dalai Lama. Prestigious Koussevitzky commissioning awards for new works by Hyo-Shin Na and Pablo Furman… Performing with William F. Buckley, Jr… Recording at Skywalker Ranch… More than a dozen years of creative programming with the renowned Choral Project; Six years of partnering with sjDANCEco at the California and Hammer Theatres in San José and at ODC Dance in San Francisco… Collaborations with the Klein International String Competition and the Merola Opera program…Creating music with performers on both non-Western and classically non-traditional solo instruments, including the komungu, erhu, sitar, waterphone and accordion.

About the conductor: Maestra Barbara Day Turner is the founder and music director of the San José Chamber Orchestra, and its family of youth orchestras. An ardent advocate for new music, she has premiered more than 140 new works just with SJCO. She has conducted the world premiere of operas by Henry Mollicone, Craig Bohmler, George Roumanis and Alva Henderson and has over 100 operas and musicals in her repertoire. Abroad, Maestra Day Turner has conducted opera in Berlin and the Thuringian Symphony Orchestra in Germany as well as the Orquesta Sinfónica de Aguascalientes, Mexico. Maestra Turner’s discography includes 6 recordings with SJCO, the PBS award-winning DVD of George Roumanis’ opera Phaedra, the Naxos release of Alva Henderson’s opera Nosferatu, and a recent critically acclaimed Naxos release of varied works by Howard Hersh entitled Angels and Watermarks. She is a frequent adjudicator for the Metropolitan Opera national auditions, annually serves as a judge for the Irving M. Klein International String Competition, and serves on the board of directors of the Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy and the advisory board of Opera Neo in San Diego.

Friday, October 30, 2020

8 Native-Music artists of USA & Canada unite to raise funds for Medicine Wheel Living Park, creating alternatives for at-risk youth on Reservations.

Native American vocalist, actress & producer Jehnean Washington is shown at the Medicine Wheel Living Park in South Dakota. She will host a free, live broadcast on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1st at 1pm PST,  featuring eight  indigenous music artists of varying styles: Arvel Bird, Carolyn Dunn, Pure Fe, Carolina Hoyos, Jana Mashonee, Shelley Morningsong, Carlos Reynosa, and Jehnean Washington. Each of these multiple-award winning artists will perform from his/her own location from across the USA and Canada. 

Optional donations made online during the livestream broadcast on November 1st will benefit the important programs happening at Medicine Wheel Living Park to counteract their contaminated water supplies and chemically polluted farming grounds caused by corporations based near the reservations. 

The MWLP project (sponsored by the Tribal Trust Foundation) was started after one reservation in the Dakotas experienced 17 teen suicides in just one year. This project involves all youth of the tribes in creating alternative farming and water supply methods, planting fruit trees and vegetable gardens, and renewing their sense of purpose/self-esteem. It has been highly successful but they need to raise considerable funds for a shelter and educational center. Our musicians are passionate about wanting to help them achieve this goal. 

This November 1st concert is part of the free monthly Notes for Nourishment online global concert series, a project of the global non-profit foundation which "inspires and empowers musicians of all cultures to use their gifts in the service of others". 

This particular concert honoring Indigenous Peoples' Day is being sponsored by an award-winning online educational series, which features musicians around the world who act as tour guides into their cultures and are working to preserve and pass on their instrumental traditions.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Native American & Indigenous Music artists LIVE on November 1st! free global LIVESTREAM concert!

November is Indigenous Awareness Month and in honor of that, our next NFN LIVE ONline concert  streams worldwide this Sunday November 1st @ 1pm PST (Calif, USA timezone) featuring a wonderful array of Native American and indigenous music artists from across the USA and Canada, performing LIVE from their various locations!  

To attend the concert, simply go to this YouTube link below, just before 1pm PST on Nov 1st.

Optional donations collected during the online concert will benefit two wonderful organizations selected by the performers: Medicine Wheel Living Park and Jana's Kids

The concert will be hosted by Listen for Life artist Jehnean Washington, who most recently performed so beautifully on our Notes for Nourishment videoconcert on September 21 celebrating International Peace Day. 

Interested in learning about each of the scheduled performers for November 1st? Jehnean kindly provided all of these bios below:


Rene Smokez:

We as Indigenous people always look to our elders for their guidance and teachings. We respect them and give them their rightful place of honor. Today we are joined by Grandmother Rene Smokeyz. She is an elder from the Paiute nation and she will open our program traditionally with a traditional song and her precious and revered words of wisdom.

Shelley Morningsong:

2019 Native American Music Awards "Artist of the Year" Singer, Songwriter, Grammy Member, ASCAP Member, Photographer, Shelley Morningsong (N. Cheyenne) has recorded seven sensational Native American Contemporary albums and has emerged as one of New Mexico’s finest Native performers. Going back to the start of her career, right out of the gate, she won Debut Artist of the Year for her very first album “Out of the Ashes “in 2006. She has received five Native American music awards since, among other awards and accolades, including Native American Music Awards “2019 Best Blues Recording for her newest CD called Simple Truth” also “2017 Artist of the Year for Love Medicine” also “2011 Record of the Year” for Full Circle“ She has an alto voice that pulls from the depths of her cowboy boots, and songs with lyrics that cut to the heart. She has played guitar since she was a youngster when she also learned to play the classical flute. Since then, she’s mastered the Native flute.

Carolina Hoyos:

Carolina Hoyos is an accomplished writer, singer, song writer, and actress. She began as a childhood concert pianist before spending 3 seasons on “MTV Hits”. She plays Antonella in Nicolas Winding Refn's highly anticipated Amazon series "Too Old To Die Young" and made cameos in "Under the Silver Lake"“Gene Simmons: Family Jewels” and Pharrell Williams’s video of the Oscar-Nominated song “Happy”. She has shared the stage with Eddie Van HalenRyan Adams, and members of Guns N’ Roses. Carolina was named a Fellow in La Skins Fest Native American TV Writers Lab, earned a coveted spot on the LA County Artist Roster and is a West Hollywood Directing Artist Grantee. She also performs regularly with comedy troupes Dad Jeans and Nightpantz and is a member of Theater Artist Ensemble Native Voices at The Autry.

Arvel Bird:

With his violin, fiddle, Native flutes, and Irish whistles, Arvel weaves a powerful tapestry of music and stories. Classically trained as a violinist, Arvel Bird's compositions and performances are a confluence of styles informed by his extraordinary love of diversity—from traditional Celtic tunes and bluegrass standards to his original Native American folk and Celtic rock orchestrations. Arvel has toured worldwide to Scotland, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and in prestigious locations including the Sky Dome in Toronto, Ontario, Royal Albert Hall in London, England, Smithsonian Museums in DC and NY, Hochstein Performance Hall in Rochester, NY and the Kennedy Space Center in Cocoa, FL just to name a few -- with symphonies, chamber orchestras, large festivals and more, logging over 500,000 road miles.  He is a prolific songwriter. Five of his releases have earned him international music awards.

Carlos Reynosa:

Carlos Reynosa has delighted multicultural audiences for 35 years.  He infuses his native roots into his videos, photos, and music to offer a unique, progressive perspective.  His mastery of flute and song reaches deep within the soul.  From prayer to rock and roll, it needs to be experienced.  

Carolyn Dunn:

Carolyn M. Dunn, PhD., is an indigenous poet, playwright, musician, singer, director and actor whose identity includes Cherokee, Muskogee Creek, Seminole and Choctaw Freedman descent on her father's side, and Tunica-Choctaw-Biloxi and French Creole on her mother's. She is a founding member of The Mankillers, an all-women drum from Northern California whose cd’s All Woman Northern Drum and Coming to Getcha were released on Without Rezervation Records.Dr. Dunn is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance at California State University, Los Angeles, and is Artistic Director of Oklahoma indigenous Theatre Company in Oklahoma City.

Jana Mashonee:

Jana is an American singer, songwriter, actress, author, and philanthropist. She is originally from Robeson County, North Carolina. Jana is a two-time Grammy nominee and nine-time Nammy winner. Her music is steeped in R&B and gospel roots, which introduced her to the mainstream. Jana has always stayed true to honoring and showcasing her Native roots in her music and songwriting. From the Lumbee nation; Jana Mashonee.

Jehnean Washington:

Jehnean Washington, host, performer, and co-producer of this concert, is a multi-talented artist. She is descendant from the Yuchi, Seminole and Shoshone nations and hails from the house of the storyteller. She is from the hodulgulgee clan and comes from a long line of singers, and musicians. She is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. Jehnean has worked professionally for over 30 years, not only as a singer/song writer and musician but also in the entertainment industry’s venues of film, television, radio, voice overs, concerts, and live theater. Jehnean has performed with the prestigious Mahenwahdose productions theater company as well as with and acting as assistant artistic and musical director for the legendary American Indian Theater Company. She is an Ensemble member of Native Voices at the Autry in Los Angeles, California and is a recognized and archived actress, voice over artist, singer, songwriter, musician and storyteller with the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. Her original arrangement and rendition of the "Trail of Tears Song" can be heard on the Grammy nominated album, "Song of America" and she is a featured singer on the NAMMY award winning album SIIB. She also wrote, performed, and produced the Native American rock anthem “I Fly With You” and “The Greeting Song.” In her musical career she has performed and shared the stage in many different arenas of music. From rock legends like Buffy Sainte-Marie (Oscar Winner for the song Up Where We Belong) and Bobby Kimball ( lead singer of Toto), to the opera company The Industry, directed by Yuval Sharron, to singing and training with Cherokee opera singer Barbara McAlister. Jehnean is also the owner CEO of the Los Angeles based film company Lighthorsewoman Productions. She co-wrote of the award-winning screenplay for the movie RAVE. “One of my greatest joys in life is singing. It is the universal language the world can come together and enjoy.”

Pura Fe:

Pura Fé, whose name means "Pure Faith," was born in New York City and an heir to the Tuscarora Indian Nation. She is an artist, an activist, and much more. Her musical journey, running the gamut from folk to mainstream through an artful use of the blues, reflects the concerns of an artist who grew up in the Motown era, while citing Buffy Sainte-Marie, Charley Patton and Joni Mitchell as her true mentors. And, more widely, “traditional music from all over the world, wherever the spirit is connected to our roots.”  

Pura Fé has studied and performed with The American Ballet Theatre Company, has been in several Broadway musicals and TV commercials. She has sung for The Mercer Ellington Orchestra, countless Jazz, R&B, Rock bands and has stamped her distinct vocals on many recordings, demos, jingles, music videos and movie soundtracks & trailers throughout her career. She is a founding member of the internationally renowned native woman’s a capella trio, Ulali, and is recognized for creating a new genre, bringing Native contemporary music to the forefront of the mainstream music industry.  

Pura Fé won a Nammy (Native American Music Award) for Best Female Artist for ‘Follow Your Hearts Desire’. She also won an L’académie Charles Cros Award (French Grammy) for Best World Album for her ‘Tuscarora Nation Blues’ album.