What is Notes for Nourishment?

The idea behind Notes for Nourishment is to bring about good music for a good cause. A few years ago I found out about an amazing charity called Mary’s Meals and I wanted to help in some way. As a musician I am always trying to think of ways of using music for a deeper purpose. Music in itself nourishes the soul and can be a source of peace, joy, comfort, life, healing, and even simply rest to the listener. In turn, through the donations and ticket purchases of the listeners we can help to nourish the bodies of those in need.

Being a lover of ethnic music and intercultural dialogue I thought that it would be wonderful if the culture of the people we are aiding could be incorporated in to the concert program. For example if the charity of choice for a particular concert were based in Tanzania, it would be extra nourishing to have some ethnic Tanzanian musicians perform some of their traditional music as part of the concert program so that the audience might learn a bit about the culture they are aiding. Having said this, my greatest wish is to provide a stage where great music can serve a great cause and I am open to any and all ideas that you concert organisers, hosts, listeners, and musicians may have. Any good cause no matter how small or great is welcome, from supporting your local soup kitchen or parish to aiding refugees in Haiti. Whoever hosts the concert gets to pick the cause, so start organizing and enjoy a wonderful evening of camaraderie, art, goodness, and rich nourishment!

Ways you can help:

- Organize a concert in your local church, community center, school, art gallery, home….ANYWHERE!
[Note: If you do decide to organize a concert don’t forget to let us know so that we can post the event on our website.]

- If you don’t think that you have the time, or if the thought of organizing a concert is just too daunting please consider making a small donation to help with the travel and organizational costs of setting up a concert. This is equally important and will help to spread the nourishment!

- If both of the above are not possible can you please just spread the idea. Brainstorming doesn’t cost a penny and the more brains we have behind this, the more notes and nourishment we can spread. So PLEASE let us know any and all of your ideas. We would love to hear them and incorporate them.

Thank you for your help and your interest!

Erin Nolan
Founder, Notes for Nourishment