Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Update on amazing NFN events November 3 and Nov 18 - Kids helping Kids!

(see photos below!)

On Sunday November 3, two very young classical-guitar virtuosos, Conor Padmanabhan (16) and Emilia Diaz Delgado (10!) generously donated their time and talents to perform a fantastic one-hour program in the historic chapel of Mission Dolores in San Francisco. They (and their moms) had also worked very hard to help their chosen beneficiary, the Homeless Children's Network, to publicize the free event. We were so happy for them when a great crowd of all ages came to enjoy their energetic and musical performances, and even more happy that the impressed audience responded very generously with tremendous donations for their chosen cause.

Conor has done Notes for Nourishment performances for us in the past, and we felt so touched when he contacted us, to ask if he could organize this concert on the series, and he and Emilia specifically chose this particular cause/organization because they wanted to help kids their own ages who just happen to be homeless.  The Executive Director of Homeless Children's Network also gave a short but powerfully moving speech about the psychological traumas to children who are homeless, and expressed her gratitude for the inspiration we all gain from the actions of other children like Emilia and Conor (without whose impetus and generous idea, none of this would have happened).

Both Emilia and Conor are students of the great teacher Scott Cmiel at the pre-college division of SFCM.  Emilia also sings in a branch of the World Harmony Chorus which rehearses in the equally famed Community School of Music and Arts in Mountain View, California. When her fellow chorus members could not make it to the SF concert, they invited Emilia and Conor to come do a Notes for Nourishment concert there at the school in Mountain View on November 18 and again that audience donated extremely generously for their chosen cause.

AND, their doing these programs also inspired the young San Jose-based guitarist, international award-winner Eric Wang, to want to do a Notes for Nourishment program of his own - and that one is coming up December 1st (more on that in the next blog post).

So, we just wanted to laud these 2 young people, Conor and Emilia, and share some photos from their NFN events with you.

The mission of Listen for Life is to inspire and empower musicians of ALL ages and cultures to share their gifts in the service of others. Notes for Nourishment concerts are one of our many projects enacting that mission. We are SO excited to see these very young but supremely talented artists, get inspired by the LFL mission and take the leadership in producing and publicizing their own Notes for Nourishment concerts and we hope that other artists of all ages will follow their example!



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