Friday, April 1, 2016

Welcome to Notes for Nourishment 2016


So, I realize that you are brought to this page and feel as though you are in a time warp. What year is it again? :)

As you can see, we have not used this site for some time. Don't be fooled, Notes for Nourishment has not at all been dormant for these years, it is just this particular site that has been neglected.

However! We have decided to bring it back to life while some webpage construction goes on :)

So, please don't be deterred by the flashback moment when you first saw the page. This is 2016 and we will be posting event details on this page in the coming weeks!

The first wonderful new development is a concert series being started in Alameda. It is called:
2by2 Sundays and will be held one Sunday a month at 2pm at St. Joseph Basilica in Alameda, CA.
Each concert will also feature two different music cultures and/or genres. Across the Sundays, there will therefore be something for everyone, and you might even come to know a new type of music that you absolutely adore and you never knew existed. So, if you live in the Bay Area, come add some musical nourishment to your Sundays and support an important cause at the same time. The organization that the concerts support will change for each concert.

The first concert is on April 17th, at 2pm - St. Joseph Basilica, Alameda Oakland
Featuring: Winnie Wong - Chinese Guzheng and Donna Stoering - Piano

Check back soon for more details!

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