Friday, January 7, 2011

Why do we need donations?

Our goal is that with time musicians all over the world will be organising these concerts in the towns where they live. When this is the case, Notes for Nourishment will have done its job. However, at the moment, we are trying to get the message out to musicians. We are trying to do this via facebook, our blog, and other internet avenues, but we have found that the best way of reaching the musicians, and getting them involved, is by meeting and talking with them in person. In order to do this, we need to travel – which has its costs. We also did not expect the idea of Notes for Nourishment to work as well as it has, which means that we continue to get invited to play concerts all over the United States and internationally. While this is wonderful, we don’t have the money to pay for the plane tickets, the rental cars, and the accommodations. The charities we are benefiting also don’t have the funds to pay our expenses, and we do not wish to deplete the donation revenue from the concert we are offering to perform for them (this would defeat the purpose). In short, with your donations we could play more concerts, aid more charities, and most importantly encourage more musicians. Once more musicians come on board, they can take over the concerts in their cities and the travel costs will drop, thereby making it possible to offer even more concerts, and aid even more charities. Your donations will aid us in spreading the message!
We have come up with a way of combining the concerts and the outreach to the musicians: In each of the places where we are able to play a Notes for Nourishment concert, we will also organise to meet or contact musicians in that area (for example by scheduling a talk to music students at the local music conservatory, or by reaching the orchestral musicians in the local symphony and chamber orchestras). To do this, however, we need your donations.

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