Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcome to Notes for Nourishment

My hope is that this blog can become a centre for all readers to share your ideas for concerts and events, music that you would recommend, charities or causes that you would like to help or make known, and simply any information that you would like to share that would help the idea of Notes for Nourishment to spread and grow.
If you would like to get in contact with us, make suggestions, or share some concert or event experiences please email:

I will actually be joining the religious community called the Daughters of St. Paul ( this coming week and while I will definitely still be playing and organising, I will not be able to play or organise as many concerts as all of you. So you need to play them for me! :) My goal with this was always to spread the idea so that concerts for good causes could be organised in every town or village worldwide. This means that all of you, wherever you may be, need to make this happen! The events don't have to be huge, even little events can do wonders. My mother and I just returned from a week tour of Notes for Nourishment concerts in California, Oregon, and Washington. We were surprised to discover that whether the venues were packed or had only a small group of people, this had no bearing on the amount raised; the people at the smaller venues were doubly generous . Each person in the audience matters, no matter how small or large that audience is.
So get organising! and enjoy the chance to play your favourite music for very special causes!

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